Day 5 – GAMP -October, 2015

  1. Visit to TechShop
  2. Techshop helps people to realise their dreams
  3. They rpovide necessary infrastructure for development of ideas and monetize it

Visit to UC Berekeley – Haas School of Management

  1. 1st Public University in the World
  2. Home for the highest number of Nobel Laurets

Some Takeaways:

  1. USA suffered longer and deeper recession but recovery was faster due to innovation
  2. Innovation takes place among heterogeneous populations
  3. Study of Philips, P & G, IBM  – Days of silos are over and degree of openness fertile the innovation road map
  4. Platform model and partnership model can be explored. The JV of CISCO is an example
  5. RBS believes in giving back to the society


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