More reasons to be on Facebook

Are you still wondering if your business and brand requires to be on the Social Media platform? With the recent political and cultural influence across the world via Facebook there should not be any doubt. Add to this, Facebook has recently announced that it is launching their proprietary search engine. This is called ‘Graph Search’.

You may think that if there is Google already in existence then this might be just one more search engine. Well, the Facebook search engine is two steps ahead. It is not only going to throw up the regular search results but it will go by popularity. The algorithms at Facebook will churn the data in such a way that the results that are thrown up to you would be a combination of the ‘Likes’of your network! 

This means that the more engaging and popular the brand is the more it will rank higher on the Facebook search. This also means that the search results of two persons would be different due to the difference in the network though the search query would be same.

Now is this enough reason to step into Social Media especially Facebook?

This kind of search is a little different from your existing searches. It recognizes the phrases that you key into your search box and matches it with what your friends like.

Currently this entire search engine is in its introductions stage and hence you will be given results based on photos, people, places and interests. Soon it will roll onto Posts and what your Network writes and shares as well. For instance if you are searching for hotel: before you get into a hotel you will know if your friends also liked it or not.

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  1. Facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s personal and business life as well with the social media marketing at its peak these days

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